Zen Tai Chi

Instructor: Shifu Pietro Sun

Mondays from 9 - 10 am
Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1 - 2 pm
Thursdays from 6 - 7 pm (upstairs mat room)
and Fridays from 11 am- 12 noon

Dr. Sun is away from March 5th to May 3rd and classes will resume on 5/4/18.

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Class Contents

  1. Unlocking the Tai Chi Mandala
    The philosophy, 10 principles, 8 techniques
  2. Standing meditation and dynamic meditation
  3. 108 Wu style form
  4. Push hand techniques
  5. Daily life application of Tai Chi
  6. Relaxing techniques in Tai Chi and Qigong
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Table of Contents

T'ai Chi Ch'uan Ching attributed to Chang San-feng
The Treatise on T'ai Chi Ch'uan attributed to Wang Tsung-yueh
Expositions of Insights into the Practice of the Thirteen Postures by Wu Yu-hsiang
Song of the Thirteen Postures by Unknown Author
Songs of The Eight Postures attributed to T'an Meng-hsien
Song of Push Hands by Unknown Author
Five Character Secret by Li I-yu
Essentials of the Practice of the Form and Push-Hands by Lee I-Yu
Yang's Ten Important Points by Yang Cheng-fu