Sandra Morales

NIDAN - 2nd degree black belt

Certified Instructor by Aikido Association of America / Aikido Association International
Aikido Instructor at Chushinkan Dojo
Member of the Black Belt of AAA
Member of the Black Belt of AAA/AAAI
Administrator for the Western Region AAA
Iaido – Shodan Aiki Toho Iai “Nishio-ryu Toho Iaido
Member of Nishikaza Aikido Society of America

I have been studying aikido for 13 years and belong to the Aikido Association of America (AAA) and Aikido Association International (AAI). I’m a direct student of James Nakayama Shihan of Chushinkan Dojo. Nakayama Sensei holds the title of Shihandai (assistant to the late Fumio Toyoda Shihan) the founder of Aikido Association of America and Aikido Association International. I’m an instructor at Chushinkan dojo and the administrator for the Western Region AAA.  I have been studying iaido “Aiki Toho Iai” for 3 years. Aiki Toho Iai was developed by Shoji Nishio a direct student of O Sensei (the founder of Aikido.) Aiki Toho Iai illuminates the deep relationship between the katana and techniques in aikido. Aiki Toho Iai integrates the ken and jo to show the expressions of aikido techniques as they flow from empty hand to the final expression with the katana.

Sandra and her husband, Sensei Eugene Morales, have been married for over 25 years and have 4 children. They are the cofounders of Aikido Pro Sessions, an organization that helps people reach their full potential as aikidoists.