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Traditional Martial Arts for children and adults of all ages and skill levels.
A variety of classes, taught by experienced, professional instructors, each specialized and officially ranked in their respective arts.

--- Established 1972 ---


Newly Located

1842 West 11th Street, G&H, Upland, California

We are happy to announce that the Defense Arts Center has relocated and is partnering with the Fitness Results Gym!

This new location is just 5 minutes away from our prior dojo on Foothill Boulevard.

Fitness Results Gym website with Google Map and virtual tour.


Located on 11th Street between Benson Avenue and Central Avenue,
in the 11th Street Business Park II Industrial Complex,
on the south side of the street, just across from Barry Court.
The Fitness Results Gym is at the south end of the first building on the east side.
Please park in north/south facing spaces in the common area to the south of the building.

For additional information or questions feel free to call Sense Ty Aponte at 951-204-0341.

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Eleventh Street Business Park Entrance.png
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Offering the life-changing physical, mental, and emotional benefits of:
Karatedo for Kids, Special Needs Individuals, Teens, and Adults
Iaido, AikidoJapanese JujutsuZen Tai ChiCapoeira, Kobudo, and more. 


Classes are held Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings and Weekends.  Visitors welcome!


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We have frequent special training events, seminars, and get togethers.  Visit our Special Events page!



What Makes the
Defense Arts center Unique?

•  Our Experience:

We have been teaching Karate & other Martial Arts since 1972!

•  Our Chief Instructors:

All of our instructors - each within their respective martial arts, Karatedo, Kendo, Iaido, Aikido, Jujustsu, Capoeira, and others, are highly educated, trained, passionate and experienced senseis.

•  Our Sport-mindedness:

Many of our members have won medals in Local, National and International competitions.

•  Our Classes and Class Schedule:

We offer morning, day and evening classes, age-appropriate classes, and family classes 7 days a week. We also have classes especially designed for those of us that are over 40/50+ years young, as well as students with Special Needs. 

•  Our Prices:

We offer a one month free trail for each of our martial arts. Our tuition rates are very competitive, we have NO CONTRACTS and we offer family discounts.

•  Our Positive Philosophy and Inclusiveness:

We strive to exemplify and teach strong morals and values such as truth, honor, self-discipline and life skills for all ages. Our dojo teaches no religion of any kind, and we are proud to have a very diverse group of studients, with children and adults from many different ethnic backgrounds and walks of life. 



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