Sifu Pietro Sun

Sifu Sun, a naturopathic physician and hypnotherapist, started his martial arts journey in Shotokan Karate at a very young age.  He then learned Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin, Luohan, Mantis, Bagua and became a martial arts instructor in Taiwan and U.S.  Afterwards, he practiced different styles of Tai Chi from different masters and specialized in Wu style Tai Chi from Master Chiu Yu Ho and Primordial Tai Chi from Master Yuang Ming Zhang, 18th generation successor of Mt. Wudang Longmen School, 8th generation master of Longzi Kung, and 7th generation master of Emei Zhen Kung.  

He has had 36 great masters over the years from martial arts, Qigong, Internal Alchemy, and Zen.

Searching for deeper meaning of Tai Chi and its roots, he received rigorous training in Qigong and Zen taught by monks and hermits in China, Taiwan, and Tibet.

He believes Tai Chi is a practical healing art and a dynamic form of meditation as well as a type of martial arts.