$60.00 per month for one class per week

Instructor: Nico Zuluaga

Capoeira Angola  

Capoeira Angola is a beautiful art form that combines fight, rhythm, movement, music, and philosophy. Originally from the continent of Africa, Capoeira came into the mainstream cultural dialogue of the world through the Bahia region of Brazil.
Capoeira is a practice that is greater than the sum of it's parts, a dynamic and transcendental way to train your body, mind and soul. Capoeira is a dialog between the players, a conversation through movement that can take on many shades of meaning...but in order to truly know what Capoeira is all about, you have to experience it for yourself!
Learn about the culture, the music, and all fundamental movement. All levels are welcome. 

Capoeira Wikipedia Page


Capoeira video from the d1autremonde show company, 2005. Directed by from Alsoprodby with the capoeirists Isaak and Bicudinho (grupo Senzala de Santos, Mestre Beija flor). Check the website