Jiyu Kumite (Sparring) Class

❖    Sundays 12 noon - 1:30 pm (Ongoing)

❖    All ages (youth, teens, adults) and ranks (Orange through Black Belt) welcome:

(must already have some general working knowledge of Karate skills).

❖    DAC members – free/no charge, Nonmembers $10.00 per class

❖    Students from other Dojos welcome

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Qi Gong Classes in Ontario

Beginning Qi Gong

The class will go over the Fundamental Wei Tuo Qi Gong form, aka the 8 Minute Drill. It is designed to be simple in movement, yet extensive in benefits of health, strength and much more. It has stretches, simple standing meditation and movements. It has 6 sections, each with specific goals. We will not only go over the movements, but also the understanding necessary to maximize the practice. It is great for people of all ages and all interests.

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New Daytime Karate Classes

Now Taking Signups!

Shihan Ty Aponte will begin teaching two new classes during the daytime on weekdays:

Karate for Breakfast: 
(Self Defense Workout)
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7-8 AM
Adults - beginner to advanced
Start your morning with an invigorating workout that builds
strength, stamina, and flexibility while teaching basic self-defense techniques.

Karate for Lunch 
(Self Defense Workout)
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12-1 PM
Adults - beginner to advanced
Make the most of your lunch hour with a workout designed
to revitalize you while reinforcing karate basics and self-defense techniques.

Class fees: $70 per month for one class/week, $120 per month for 2+ classes/week
Class schedule may change if other times work better for a majority of interested students.

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Dao of Martial Arts

The founder of USKL and former instructor, Shihan Dean Pickard, gave an lecture on the connections between meditation, health, and martial arts at a gathering at the Seaside Shotokan dojo in Playa Del Rey on November 5, 2016. You can visit Shihan Pickard’s biography page here and you can download the slides from his presentation here.

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