FREE Sparring Strategies Workshop Saturday September 14th 11 AM - 1 PM with Sensei Jason Serrano

Defense Arts Center

Kumite (sparring) Strategies Workshop

Free to all participants*

* Guest Instructor: Our good friend Sensei Jason Serrano (Son of the late IKA Shihan Tom Serrano) (Jason: 4th Dan BB, Kubota style - Gosoku Ryu karate)

* Date: Saturday September 14th  2019

* Time:  11: 00 am - 1:00 pm 

Attendees: (*Open to youth and adult - Green, brown & black belts)

Training in a controlled environment.

* Location: Defense Arts Center Dojo, inside Fitness Results Gym

1842 W. 11th street. Unit G/H Upland CA. 91786

Note: We are located in an Industrial complex - parking on south end of building.

Sparring Strategies Training emphasis: fighting mindset, footwork, sweeping and sparring drills & techniques, offensive and defensive strategies, counter techniques, timing. Sensei Jason Serrano has had over 30 years’ experience training, teaching, and competing.

*****Please Note: There will be a tip jar set out on the dojo desk for Sensei Jason Serrano for anyone who would like to make a contribution for the class.

"It is not the physically gifted that excel in martial arts, but the determined.
Those who refuse to give up are the ones that can become the future Masters." 

- Shihan Rod Kuratomi

For further information contact:

Ty Aponte (cell) 951 204-0341
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