USKL Shotokan Karate Testing Results


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December 2017

Examinations are an important part of the Karate experience, designed to measure retention and understanding of skills learned and it shows both to the student and to the instructor what he or she has learned in the time allotted and what he or she is capable of.   New belts, Stripes (progress bands) are then presented to the students to give them something tangible that shows their progress and skill level.    For some, progress can be incremental and for others it may be by leaps and bounds. i.e. Try hard, stay focused.  The effort you put into the training is the results you’ll get out of it. 

Training Regime: 

Good:            Once a week (better than none!)
Better:          Two times per week
Best:             Three times per week 

Test results:

All candidates’ below demonstrated and performed their karate kihon (basics), and kata (forms) with confidence and spirit.  Each were pushed and performed well under pressure.   We are very proud of your achievement and welcome you to your new ranks.  Some students may not have tested in Dec. maybe Jan, etc. since Dec. is the testing period I simply lumped you in. 

Little Tigers: (Tiny Tots) Karate Class:
Mon/Wed (5:00 – 5:45pm)

Name:                                     Promotion:
Cory Brown                            White/1
Arianna Dagam                      White/2 (Private lesson student w/Kieran)
Logan Stevenson                   White/2
Honor Perzai                          White/2
Honor Benuto                        White/2
Leena Diaz                             White/3
Ethan Holdin                          Yel/white 0
Nathaneil Gaede                    Yel/W/0

Flying Tigers (Youth) Shotokan Karate Class: 

Name:                                     Promotion:
Daniel Boling                          Yel/W/0
Renato Lopez                         Yel/W/2
Luke Smith                             Yel/W/3
Emily Hernandez                    Yel/W/3
Nicole Hernandez                  Yel/W/3
Hudson Worthington             Yel/Blk/0
Luke Smith                             Yel/Blk/1
Isabella Cruz                          Yel/Blk/3
Jacob Romero                        Yel/Blk/3
Meledy Vera                           Yel/Blk/3
Zack  Zambon                        Yel/Blk/3
Deanna Mitchell                      Yel/Blk/3
Audrey Domenech                  Or/W/0
Sophia Domenech                   Or/W/0
Alexander Vance                     Or/W/0 (Transfer student)
Ivan La Rache                          Or/2
Ryan Margono                         Or/3
Ian Li                                        Gr/W/0      (6th kyu Green)
Derek Kwok                             Gr/W/1      (6th kyu Green)
Maya Siegel                             Gr/w/3       (6th kyu Green)
Shaw Siegel                             Gr/w/3       (6th kyu Green)
Adam Skeels                            Gr/W/3      (6th kyu Green)
Kai Fujimoto                            Gr/B/1       (5th kyu Green)
Isaac Espinoza                         Gr/B/1       (5th kyu Green)
Travis Margono                        Br/W/0      (3rd kyu Brown)
Iman Peerzai                            Br/W/0      (3rd kyu Brown)
Joseph  Gonzales                    Br/W/1       (3rd kyu Brown) 

Adult Shotokan Karate Class: 

Name:                                     Promotion:
Barbie Skeels                          6th Kyu Green
Gwyneth St. Martin                 5th Kyu Green (Provisional)          
Boja Li                                     4th Kyu Green

Next exam:  (White, Yellow, and Orange Belts) March 24th – 31st 2018.


Test Frequency:

Beginners (White, Yellow, Orange Belts) every 3 months: March, June, September, December

Intermediates (Green Belts) every 4 months: April, August, December

Advanced (Brown Belts) every 6 month:  June, December


New Test Fees Effective January 2018

White, Yellow, Orange Belts: $35.00 per rank change (i.e. 9, 8,7th kyu)

Green Belts: $45.00 per rank change: 6th Kyu, 5th Kyu, 4th Kyu

Brown Belts: 3rd Kyu =$55.00, 2nd Kyu = $65.00, 1st Kyu $75.00

NOTE: If there is no one available to handle your test fees, dues, etc. please use envelope and place test fee in Dues box in front of the office window.  For test fee associated to the rank received please refer to the rank chart hanging on the wall in the dojo hallway.  

A Special thank you to all of our USKL Sensei’s and sempai’s for their help in the process of preparing each member candidate for their exam. 

“Never give up on the idea, goal or dream
of becoming a black belt”

Thank you all (parents and students) for your friendship, trust and support, keep up the great work, congratulations to everyone.  

PS; Please help our dojo grow, if you feel that we are doing something very positive and making a difference, please help spread the word, tell a friend. If anyone has any ideas on improving our program both internally and externally (advertising/social media) please let us know. 

Thank you,

Sensei Ty Aponte
6th Dan, chief instructor