Summer Testing Results

Upland Shotokan Karate League

Test Results - Summer 2016                

Examinations are a tool to enhance your study of Karate-Do.  They are held numerous times throughout the year and are an important part of the Karate experience.   Students should prepare well and use grading to help motivate their daily training and progress.  Testing is more of a demonstration for the student allowing them to show the instructors and the fellow students what they have learned and what they are capable of. Grading also provides feedback on areas of strengths as well as weaknesses. Belts, Stripes/progress bands, are then presented to the students to give them something tangible that shows their progress and skill level.  We feel that all members will benefit by participating and should make every effort to prepare and attend.

If I made any mistakes on your names, rank or if I missed anyone (did not test) please let me know.

A Special thank you to all of our Sensei’s and sempai’s for their help in the process of preparing each member candidate for their exam.  

Keep up the great work, congratulations to everyone.

Sensei Ty Aponte(6th dan, chief instructor)
951 204-0341 cell

“Never give up on becoming a black belt. 
Karate success can be summed up in three words: 'Begin and Continue'. 
However, when the inevitable doubts as to whether
or not you will be successful in reaching your goal come up, 
just remind yourself that giving up on your goal guarantees failure.
Persistence, on the other hand, will lead you to your desired result.
If you are steadfast in the value of reaching your goal
then giving up will never be a viable option.” 

-- Sensei Paul Walker


The candidates below (from black belt to brown belt) demonstrated and performed their kihon (basics) and kata with confidence and were also gallant in thier kumite.  Each were pushed and performed well under pressure.   We are all very proud of your achievement and welcome you to your new ranks.

Those who made black belt, remember this is where the REAL training begins!

Black Belt Examinees:  June /July’16                      New rank:
Name:                                  Previous rank                      Dan & Belt color

Casey Chang                       2nd Deg. BB                             3rd Deg. BB
Osman Jamil                      2nd Deg. BB                              3rd Deg. BB
David Dang                         1st kyu Brown Belt                 1st Deg. BB
Nathan Goltz                      1st kyu Brown Belt                 1st Deg. BB
Don Taylor                          1st kyu Brown Belt                  1st Deg. BB
Juan Miguel Nunez          1st kyu Brown Belt                  Youth 1st Deg. Black Belt

Brown Belt Examinees:  June/’16                            New rank:
Name:                                    Previous rank                  Kyu & Belt color

Abby Pellitteri                     2nd kyu Brown                  1st Kyu Brown
Jasmine Tran                      2nd kyu Brown                  1st Kyu Brown
Jason Chen                          2nd kyu Brown                   1st Kyu Brown
John Fletchas                     2nd kyu Brown                   1st Kyu Brown
David Voiles                        2nd kyu Brown                   1st Kyu Brown
Jose Luis Nunez                2nd kyu Brown                   1st Kyu Brown
Tim Richmond                   2nd kyu Brown                   Prov. 1s Kyu Brown
Benjamin Lekpor              3rd kyu Brown                    2nd kyu Brown
Clarissa Lekpor                 3rd kyu Brown                    2nd kyu Brown
Tyler Ritter                         3rd kyu Brown                     2nd kyu Brown
Devin Voiles                        4th kyu Green                      3rd kyu Brown

Youth Kyu Examinees:  June/’16                             New rank:
Name:                                   Previous rank                  Belt color and/or progress bands

Anika Coraham                  White belt/0                         Yellow/white/0
Deanna Mitchell                White belt/1                         Yellow/white/0
Ian Li                                      Yellow/white/1                   Yellow/white/3
Kai Fujimoto                       Yellow/white/1                   Solid Yellow/1
Mathew Rivera                   Yellow/white/3                  Yellow Black/0?      
Tyler Price                           Yellow/white/3                   Yellow Black/0?
Isaac Espinoza                   Yellow/white/3                   Solid Yellow/1
Daniel Zuver                       Yellow/white/3                    Yellow/white/4
Brandon Flores                 Solid Yellow/0                      Solid Yellow/1
Derek Kwok                        Solid Yellow/0                      Solid Yellow/3 or Orange/white/1
Micah Endo                         Orange/White/0                  Solid orange/0
Ivan Larrache                     Yellow/Blk/3                         Solid Yellow/1
Ana Lopez                           Orange/Black                        Orange/Black/2
Fabian Cruz                        Orange/Black/1                   Orange/Black/3
Iman Peerzai                      Orange/Black/2                  Orange/Black/3
Sonali Ortiz-Casillas        Solid Orange/1                   Green white/ 3               
Melody Romero               White/0                                  Yellow/white/0
Jacob Romero                   White/0                                  Yellow/white/0
Juliana Rameriz                White/0                                  Yellow/white/0
Louis Vasquez                    White/0                                  Yellow/white/0

Adult Kyu Examinee:  June/’16                               New rank:
Name:                              Previous rank                    Kyu & Belt color

Vito                                       White/0                                   8th kyu Orange

Good: Once a week (better than none)
Better: Two times per week
Best: Three times per week


Body, mind and spirit coming together
Looking for the perfect balance in our lives
Awakening the warrior in our spirit
Character developing alongside physical competence
Knowledge gained through deeper understanding of ourselves

Building a strong foundation on which to grow
Evolving and transforming along the way
Life-defining experiences we've reaped from and yet
The journey has only just begun...


Ganbatte!!!  (i.e. do your best, press on, and GO FOR IT!!!).

Sensei Ty Aponte
951 204-0341

If I have left anyone out or made any mistakes or if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know ASAP.  Parents should feel free to make a copy of this letter for their children. 

Patience plus persistence equals progress.        

In life,  Nanakorobi Yaoki
“Seven times down, eight times up.”

Rather than getting frustrated and quitting you must persevere.  
Remember: “the road to success is paved with setbacks and failure”
and “A Black Belt is a White Belt who never quit.”


 “Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little,
has its stages of drudgery and triumph:
a beginning, a struggle, and a victory.”

― Mahatma Gandhi