Martial Arts Principles and Healing Seminar 11/5/16

Seaside Shotokan Dojo and Defense Arts Center Present: 

Martial Arts Principles and Healing

A valuable lecture and training experience for all

Date: Saturday, Nov 5, 2016
Time: 1-5 PM
Price: It's FREE!
Place: Seaside Shotokan Dojo
177 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
Contact: Sensei Jim Oats (910)578-1789
or Ty Aponte (951) 204-0341


  1. Martial Arts and Philosophy and its connection to it as a Do/Tao
  2. Mindfulness & Breathing as it relates to the Martial Arts
  3. Perceptual Exercises and application to combat
  4. Principles vs Rules in Martial Arts
  5. Shu-ha-ri (The principle of learning in the Martial Arts)
  6. Striking points as healing points
  7. Art of Healing


Dean Pickard, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Black Belt 5th Degree USKL (1980), 4th Degree SKL (1978):  Sensei Pickard began training in the fall of 1965 in Shorin Ryu when he was a college freshman.  He returned to California in 1966 and joined Statewide Karate League (SKL) in Riverside, California under Sensei Richard Nakano.   In 1974, he founded the United States Karate League (USKL).  He first taught in Riverside SKL, then also started other dojos in California in Hemet, Moorpark College, the Claremont Colleges, and Pierce College.    He retired from active martial arts teaching and full-time philosophy teaching in 2004, taught part-time from 2006-10, and continues to participate in black belt exams for USKL.  Email:, cell: 310-570-3715.

Douglas Krech, OMD, Black Belt 5th Degree, USKL: Sensei Krech began training in 1967 with Riverside SKL where he became an instructor in 1970. He was a co-founder of USKL in 1974. Dr. Krech received his OMD (Oriental Medical Doctorate) in 1987. He has practiced various healing arts since then, including functional and alternative medicine, which focuses on treating the underlying cause(s) of a chronic disorder, rather than merely treating the symptoms. He continues his practice today in Pasadena where he uses highly individualized protocols for each patient rather than generic protocols typically used in standard medicine. Medicine is rapidly moving toward such highly individualized treatment based on each individual’s history, genome, epi-genome, metabolome and lifestyle. Dr. Krech has been at the forefront of such thinking and approach to treatment/healing for many decades. Email:, phone: 323-821-8287.

Itinerary for 4 hour presentation:

  1. Meditation (then brief talk on meditation and breathing)
  2. Warm-up and Workout
  3. Presentation on Principles
  4. Practice of Principles in Action
  5. Self-defense
  6. Presentation on Healing and Recovery Points
  7. Workout
  8. Meditation


  1. Efficiency: does it work?
  2. Kime/focus
  3. From relaxation… speed
  4. From speed and focus… power
  5. Accumulation of energy
  6. Conservation of motion/energy
  7. Do the unexpected
  8. Become one with the target

If your training has instilled the above and your movement is spontaneous, then strategy moves from thinking (separation of you and object/target) to unity-thoughtlessness, natural flow of consciousness

Conscious awareness:

  1. Exercise: perceptual: normally divided – Often over-focused, sequential
  2. Not in thinking, but in reaction that arises from experience
  3. Tennis or any skill a) cognitive/intellectual b) physical/bodily
  4. Talk versus do - Need both


The regular Saturday USKL Intermediate-Advanced Karate class (12-1:30 PM) will be cancelled.  The last class at the DAC will be the 11:00 am Beginner-Intermediate Karate class.

Eat a good breakfast; bring light lunch/munchies

More information and details to come - this is a rough draft

Sensei Ty Aponte
Head Instructor, Defense Arts Center
951 204-0341

Sensei Jim Oats
Head Instructor, Seaside Shotokan Dojo
(310) 578-1789