Sensei Leo-isms

Many times during class, I will say things that have become know as Sensei Leo-isms to my students.

These are just a few of what I said during my tenure as a karate instructor.

  1. If you’re not sure how long you want to take karate, do what I did. Take it for 1 or 15 years and then decide.
  2. There are a million reasons not to train karate (like study, rest, relax, watch t.v.and etc.) but there’s only one reason to train karate. You, my fellow students are that reason.
  3. Many more students will graduate from college that will get a Black Belt.  However, it is an attainable feat.
  4. Your kata looks better than I’ve seen it in the past, but not as good as I will see it in the future.
  5. Line up two-by-two, which means you and someone who is not you.
  6. Left leg forward, make downward block...your OTHER left leg.
  7. In terms of your rank, what you students are, I was. What I am, you will be.
  8. We will do BASICS until we can no longer do Basics. Then we will do some more!
  9. When I am talking to or correcting one student, in reality, to whom am I speaking? The answer is “EVERYONE.”
  10. I have gone to the store and seen many different types of cans – coke cans, beer cans, vegetable cans, etc. – but I have never seen a CAN’T. The fact is, “CAN’T” is a 4-letter word and we don’t use 4-letter words.
  11. It’s great when the students correct me. That just means that I am teaching them well.
  12. If your opponent gives you an inch, give him a “foot.”
  13. We have a special name for the uniform that we wear in karate. It’s called a “GI.”  We also have a special name for the belt we wear. It’s called a “GI-STRING.”

These are just some of the LEO-ISMS that I use.
Sensei Leo