Osman Jamil

(3rd degree black belt)

Osman Jamil has earned the rank of 3rd Dan Black Belt at USKL. He started training in 2001 when he moved from West LA, where he had previously trained in traditional Shotokan karate under Sensei Shibasaki. In his early years, Sensei Osman also studied Jiu Jitsu and Wushu.

At USKL, Sensei Osman continues to learn and apply his skills of karate-do from, as he refers to them, his great masters: Sensei Mike Whiteside and Senseis Ty and Lynn Aponte.

Sensei Osman enjoys teaching children and adults of all levels and working with them in all areas of their training. Sensei Osman offers private lessons for students at the dojo.

Sensei Osman's hobbies include playing: Hockey, pool and darts. By trade he is a certified welder/ironworker and a licensed & certified security guard.


1989 - Ju-jitsu (Budo Kai), Palms Recreational Center, Green Belt 6th Kyu
1991-1994/1998-2000 Shotokan Karate, Venice Japanese CC, Brown Belt 1st Kyu
1994-1997 Wushu Academy  Intermediate
1997-1998 Westside Fencing Center
1998-2000 Naginata-do, Venice Japanese Community Center.

USKL Shotokan Karate-Do
2001 Began training
2002 Shodan, Sensei Ty Aponte
2009 Nidan,  Sensei Ty Aponte
2016 Sandan, Sensei Ty Aponte


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