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Friday Night Fights

Karate Kumite
Friday nights from 7 - 8 PM

All ages, youth and adult, and all belt ranks above yellow (orange, green, brown, and black)

Instructor: Adrian Vera

This class will teach improved strength, stamina, balance, cardio, and conditioning of the mind and Spirit to prepare for competitions and for everyday life.  Footwork and Kumite preparation, drills, and combinations will be progressively trained. 

WKF regulations (World Karate Federation) will be followed for the people interested in competitions.


  • The class is open to DAC members and non-members.  DAC members that are paying dues for more than one class a week need not pay any additional charge for this class.  Others (including non-members) can pay a $10.00 per class drop in fee.
  • All males must have and wear an athletic supporter and cup.  Other strongly-recommended protective equipment, hand pads, head gear, etc., will be avalilable for use. However, it is always preferable to have and bring your own.
  • PS: Absolute control is a must for all participants. We cannot overstate this.