Jared Goldberg

Shotokan Karate (3rd Degree Black Belt)- Pomona College classes

Jared began Shotokan (JKA/ISKF) training at age 7 in 2001 in Thousand Oaks CA under Sensei Alex Shein and with his father Gil Goldberg (who has a background in Hapkido and Taekwondo). He has attended numerous seminars and special trainings with Sensei James Field and other high level karate and martial arts masters.  Jared was awarded his Shodan in 2008 and his Nidan in 2012 from Sensei Goldberg and most recently received his Sandan from Sensei Aponte in December 2015.  As a senior black belt at both his dojo and Pomona College, Jared drew on his wide range of experience to lead and assist with classes.  He has done well in karate competitions and assisted with the 5-C Capoeira program.