The Dao of Martial Arts

What is a DAO?
Usually described as a path to spiritual self-development by a human being.  But essential to this is self-overcoming.

“Spiritual” refers to the human capacity to be deeply affected, to seek a meaningful connection to something beyond the usual confines of the ego, the capacity for transformation by means of commitment to some DAO of self-overcoming. (pay attention to the final slide)

If karate-do or any martial art is to be engaged in as a Do or Dao, it will not merely be development of skill in technique through training.  It must also be guided by some increasing understanding of the wider implications of such a practice and any human practice.  So reading the literature of great spiritual teachers and warriors who practiced martial arts as a spiritual Dao is an indispensable part of your training.   So let’s identify what makes fighting arts a dao and its relation to philosophy, the pursuit of wisdom.

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Will Mixed Martial Arts Overtake the Traditional Martial Arts?

With MMA schools almost exclusively focused on sparring and applied techniques, I can see why they would at least initially hold greater appeal for young adults interested in quickly learning self-defense and not much else.  But my own experience with karate has taught me just how rich with application our traditional art form is, and how much more TMA has to offer.

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