(4rd Degree Black Belt)

Andrew began his karate training in 1991 with Shihan Edwin Hamile, founder of the West Coast Shotokan Karate Association in Temple City, CA. After moving out of the area, Andrew went on to train with Sensei Rick Duffy at USKO (an eclectic system with a Shorin Ryu base) and to attain the rank of Nidan. Then, In 2003, Andrew joined the Upland Shotokan Karate League looking to advance and expand his kowledge in the martial arts.  He received his Yondan (4th degree Black Belt) under Sensei Ty Aponte in 2016.

Andrew has been teaching the Special Forces karate class for people with special needs since 2007. Andrew's son has autism and has been influential in starting this class. Andrew's love for children and patience make him an ideal instructor for this particular class.

In his spare time, Andrew likes gardening, camping, and hanging out with his family.




1991    Started Shotokan with Sensei Ed Hamile (West Coast Karate Assn)
1998    ShodanUSKO Shorin Ryu
2000    Nidan      USKO Shorin Ryu
2004    Shodan  USKL Shotokan
2006    Nidan      USKL Shotokan
2013    SandanUSKL Shotokan
2016    Yondan  USKL Shotokan



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