Instructors: Irene Nunez (1st Dan) and David Voiles (1st Kyu)
TuesdayS:  5 - 6 pm*
$50.00 per month*

(Read Sensei Andrew's Sandan Paper on Karate-Do and People with Special Needs)

The Upland Shotokan Karate League (USKL) is on a mission to inspire self-esteem in EVERY child...and that includes children with special needs. We welcome children who have been diagnosed with: Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Asperser's Syndrome, ADHD/ADD, and Cognitive Deficits

The Special Forces class is open to people with special needs ages 8 years and up. Karate students must be ambulatory (capable of walking) and able to participate independently by following simple instructions in a small group setting. Students will learn a slightly modified (modified to fit each students needs or limitations) version of traditional Shotokan karate through repetition of movement and techniques. This method will promote balance, coordination, strength training, conditioning and self esteem within a safe and supportive environment.

Training in karate can serve as an important corollary to other physical, behavioral and psychological treatment programs. Karate is taught by Sensei Andrew and his assistants who emphasize a love-based teaching method (firm yet fun), and every student has the chance to feel like a success.

Many people with special needs have already benefited from karate classes at the USKL including those who are receiving services from various Regional Centers, as well as people who have been referred to us by physicians and psychologists in private practice.

No aides or "shadows" will be permitted in the training area. There are assistant instructors present who are able to spend more time with students that may need extra help. Join the fun!

Please call or come in and meet with our senseis to discuss your child's training possibilities with USKL.  

*Schedule and prices subject to change, please check for changes.


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